Improve your Improv

Book an Improv Comedy Workshop that can run over a day, a week or even over a couple of months that can help train anyone in the skill of thinking on their feet.

Whether you are a group raising money for charity, a corporate business looking for a Team Building Experience or even a theatre company looking to expand their skillset, Jim is the man to help you reach your goal!

Prices start from £500 for a full day's course (6 hours training and a 1 hour performance in the evening) and requires a minimum of 6 people.

These courses can be carried out at your own venue or we can source one if required.


What's the benefits of Improv?

Through learning improvisation, anyone can learn vital life and business skills in adaptability and risk taking. It relies on participants building and forging their own narratives alongside their fellow performers within scenarios.

It only works if the performer takes risks and supports the risks of others. It involves countless moments of uncertainty, where performers have to find their way to the next interesting point in the scene collaboratively. In short, improvisational performers become adept at adaptability.

Many global corporations use Improv as part of their training systems that instil confidence and camaraderie within a group. So if the big players use it, why don't you?

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